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Violet is the new Black 2018

Everyone needs a little violet in their lives

Pantone has announced its colour for 2018. It's ultra-violet, a vibrant shade of purple. So how can we bring a splash of violet into our lives quickly and without it costing the earth. Easy. Choose one of our simple to apply stickers or wall decals and you can bring your life bang up to date in no time.

Here are a few home decor ideas to transform your walls:

Brighten up a plain living room wall with a violet Love Heart Tree wall art sticker. 

Violet Love Heart Tree Wall Art Sticker


Let your children frolic in the playroom with a purple unicorn or two.

Violet Personalised Name Unicorn Wall Art Sticker


Create a purple haze in your music room.

Violet Jimi Hendrix Knowledge Speaks Quote Wall Art Sticker


Have sweeter dreams this year.

Violet Sweet Dreams Wall Art Sticker


In the kitchen, forget Cordon Bleu or Cordon Vert, this year it is all about Cordon Violet.

Violet Kitchen is the Heart of the Home Quote Wall Art Sticker


Add a violet-coloured sticker to your mobile, tablet or laptop. So very easy to do. I have chosen a classic butterfly sticker as I am always flitting and fluttering around, and love to use my laptop on the go.

Violet Butterfly Laptop Sticker


All of our designs are available in violet so whichever you choose, we wish you a fantastic violet 2018.

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