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Why Are Retro Gaming Wall Stickers All The Rage?

You'd think retro gaming wall stickers would have gone out of fashion by now, wouldn't you? On the contrary, the retro theme is most definitely alive and kicking with fan favourites like Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris, Thundercats, Dr Who and Mario Bros. still as popular and trendy as ever.

According to emerging media psychology researchretro is the in thing not just because it looks good, but because it reconnects you to your past, your old friends and even your home. Consider the average gamer is 34 years old. If you call yourself a gamer and have been one for the last 20 years or so, that's a whopping 20-year history you have with games. The trippy part is that that represents more than half of your life!

That's a strong psychological constant to have in your world, and researchers are starting to reveal that the love affair with retro has less to do with style and image and more to do with emotions, nostalgia and security. Happy memories all around.

Retro Gaming Crosses Boundaries

Retro Gaming Wall Stickers

You might be able to understand that nostalgic feeling you get when you fire up a retro console and are bombarded with those awesome soundtracks and crazy 8-bit visuals. Much like your favourite song, the soundtrack of your favourite game transports you back in time.

And, just like Deadpool (yes, we have wall stickers for him too!), retro gaming has that ability to break the 4th wall - in other words, it snaps you out of your current situation and shifts your perception. Usually back to a happy time.

What this really means is nostalga, in the form of retro wall stickers, makes you feel better about yourself.

Retro Wall Stickers Make You Feel Better

There's an entire field of psychology dedicated to researching nostalgia and the effects it has on your mood. Whilst findings are not yet conclusive, evidence suggests that nostalgia can be best summed up as a bittersweet mix of positive and negative emotions that arise when thinking of meaningful events in your past.

The interesting thing is that even the negative emotions tied to the past can bring about a better state of being in the present. This is because you thank your lucky stars that whatever negative thing was happening in the past is now done and dusted.

Whether negative or positive, these events are usually closely tied to social relationships and retro games, movies, toys and music helps you both 'remember' the event AND the feeling you had at the time of the event. As a social being, you seem to have an 'autopilot' function that wants to lean towards feelings of 'belonging'. It is this aspect of retro that makes it such a powerful and emotive force.

Best Retro Wall Stickers of 2019

Now you know WHY retro seems to remain evergreen when it comes to popularity, it's time to find out which of our retro gaming wall art is trending right now. Here's a selection of some of our best for 2019.

Super Mario Bros. Wall Stickers

Super Mario Wall Sticker

If you're a gamer (or even if you're not) you will not be able to mistake the unforgettable Mario, the plumber-turned hero that set the world alight in 1983 when he first hit the arcades in Mario Bros. The series began in the arcade with Mario and Luigi having to investigate the sewers of New York after strange creatures started to appear down there.

Its sequel, Super Mario Bros. arrived for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985 and the world has never been the same since. Super Mario and his entire ensemble cast of co-characters remain an ever-popular choice for gaming lovers looking to make their rooms, offices and businesses look distinct, fun and evoke those happy feelings of nostalgia.

Sonic the Hedgehog Wall Sticker

Sonic the Hedgehog Wall Sticker Art

No conversation about Nintendo and Mario would be complete without mentioning rivals Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog. Although Sonic first arrived some 6 years after Mario in 1991, his status as the icon of Sega is unquestionable.

It was Sonic who revived Sega and helped it dominate the early 90's with the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in the US) and he remains a very popular character in gaming lore. Both newcomers and veteran gamers alike appreciate Sonic's spikey attraction and he's become an iconic image for anything associated with retro games.

80's Cartoons Wall Stickers (Thundercats, He-Man, Transformers)

Transformers Wall Stickers

As a child of the 80's, you'll remember with fondness those cartoons that have now become almost cult classics. Saturday morning staples like He-Man, Transformers and Thundercats have all seen their popularity surge in recent years as those children of the 80s now have the income to flaunt on those trips down memory lane.

Thundercats and Transformers wall stickers have been popular choices throughout 2018. Is there a cartoon you adored but you can't find a sticker for? Get in touch, we may be able to help create one.

Dr Who Wall Stickers

Doctor Who Wall Stickers art

It's no surprise the Time Lord is able to command us to turn back the clock on our memories and bring them into the present in the form of dazzling, attention-grabbing wall stickers. Dr Who's timeless attraction lives on and there is an ever-present demand for Tardis Wall Stickers, David Tennant Wall Stickers, Dalek Stickers and practically anything else (and anyone) you find in the world of Dr Who.

Can't Find the Retro Wall Sticker You're Looking For?

If you have something specific in mind but can't find it on our website. Please drop us an email. We have an in-house design team ready and waiting to create custom stickers just for you. From TV shows to musicians, you name it, we can probably do it.

It's always worth asking the questions. In the meantime, browse our Instagram and Facebook pages to see what's hot right now in the world of wall art.

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