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Apex Legends Stickers, Wall Art and Decals: The Perfect Gift for Gamers

Is there a special gamer in your life that drives you mad but needs a gift sometime soon? Does it infuriate you that he (or she) spends so much time playing Apex Legends that it's hard to define where gaming ends and life begins?

If you know someone like that, you're going to get so much love when they open their next present and find their very own Apex Legends Stickers inside. Like a breath of fresh air after a long trip in a stuffy aeroplane, your gift is going to snap them back into reality with a satisfying jolt.

Whilst you might only grab their attention for 5 minutes with your downright awesome gift, you can rest assured every time they look at their wall or flip their phone or laptop over and see the sticker you got them they'll remember, if only for a brief moment, that life exists outside of Apex Legends.

If You Can't Beat Apex Legends, Join It

Unfortunately, until the sun begins to dim, and the winter wind blows cold, it's unlikely you're getting any attention whilst Legends is in its ascendancy. Or for some time thereafter in all honesty if the success and longevity of Fortnite is anything to go by.

As the famous quote goes, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," you might as well tip your hat and accept that from now on, when you come back home, your chances of being centre of attention are slim to none. So what can you do?

Join 'em! Buy your special gamer a gift they'll appreciate in their world of Battle Royale, upgrades and Apex Dinero - oops, my mistake, that's what we named our loyalty points waaay before Apex Coins were even a thing! Want to see proof? Check out our Apex Loyalty Program here and see what bonuses you can unlock simply by buying an Apex Sticker and being one of our customers.

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Buy Apex Legends Stickers

Of course, true to Legends style, the selection of upgrades and stickers you can buy is wide and varied. From premium cut vinyl wall stickers to gaming sticker packs for laptops, mobiles and even cars.

Our selection is so good that we thought the only way to truly help you appreciate it is by showing you our top selling Apex Legends Stickers so you can see for yourself. And hopefully, find the right one to win back your gamer's attention - although we highly doubt it. At least for a little while.

But it's the thought that counts, right?

#1 Apex Legends Logo 

Apex Legends Logo Sticker for Walls

#2 Gibraltar Character Wall Art

Apex Legends Gibraltar Wall Sticker

#3 Pathfinder Wall Sticker Decal

#4 Wraith Apex Legends Wall Art

Apex Legends Wraith Wall Art

#5 Apex Legends Champion Symbol Wall Art Sticker

Don't see a sticker you like? Contact us and request a custom design.

All of our stickers are cut from premium quality vinyl and have the appearance of being painted on your wall or laptop when applied correctly. If you'd like to learn how to apply your wall stickers correctly, view our guide here.

It's also worth mentioning if the sticker you want is not available, you can always contact us to request a custom design. We'd be happy to help.

That's all for now, Folks. This is Apex Stickers, talking about Apex Legends, signing off!

GG All. 

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